Sunrise Hydraulic Dual Cylinder Ironworker

We are pleased to offer a used Sunrise ironworker for sale! This high-quality machine will be a welcome addition to just about any fabrication shop. Read on for detailed features and specs, and contact us today to learn more and request a quote.


  • Five fully integrated working stations
  • Two cylinder operation with separate remote foot pedals, one for the punch and one for the shearing stations
  • Simultaneous operation of both punch and shearing stations (controlled independently)
  • Punch cylinder with 4″ stroke length and adjustable limit switches
  • Cylinder is machined flat to insure proper alignment
  • Cylinder has high-density bronze bushings
  • Cylinder is keyed
  • Heavy-Duty adjustable punch stripper with visibility window
  • Quick-change punch holder including all necessary punch sleeves to accommodate up to 2″ round punch
  • Machined punch gauging table with adjustable X-Y back stops, scales and roller bearings for easy positioning
  • Dual-opening die holder with overhang for punching channel flanges
  • All necessary die holders to accommodate up to 2″ round hole
  • Slug Bucket
  • T-slot bolster for rapid adjustment of die holder and easy accessory mounting
  • Angle shear with no material loss cut and four-edge blades
  • 45 degree miter cut of angles
  • Section shear for 90 degree shearing of round and square bar up to machines capacity (channel blades available)
  • Plate shear with special rake angle to keep shearing deformation to a minimum. Four edge lower blade and two edge upper blade
  • Support table for plate shear with adjustable guides and scribe marks
  • Adjustable plate shear hold down with opening for miter cutting of angles (Hydraulic hold down available)
  • 40″ electric touch-n-go back gauge adjustable to accommodate plate, angle shear and section shear
  • Back gauge features a proximity sensor
  • Notching station with rectangular blades for shearing flat bar or angles (Triangular notcher available)
  • Machined notcher gauging table with adjustable X-Y stops and scales
  • Notcher station guard with electrical safety interlock and flashing warning light
  • Short-stroke switch for notcher eliminates need to adjust limit switches to shorten stroke
  • Magnetic LED work light
  • Jog or full-stroke functions
  • 11 sets of punches and dies
    SUNRISE Type: 3/8″,1/2″,9/16″,11/16″,13/16″,15/16″,1″, 1-1/16″, 1-1/4″, 1-3/8″, 1-1/2″
  • Hydraulic and electrical systems with high quality components
  • Hydraulic system protected with suction strainer as well as spin-on return line filter
  • Electrics for 3/60/220 or 480 volt operation; Low voltage at the controls.
  • Emergency stop palm buttons on both ends of machine
  • Tool kit, and instruction manual