Whitney 3400 Plasma Punch Combo, New 2006

This pre-owned Whitney Plasma Punch Combination machine, New 2006 would make a great addition to any shop looking to increase versatility and capacity in their shop.  Whether you’re shop is processing steel, stainless steel, or aluminum this machine will increase your throughput and help you deliver on all of your timely orders.

According to the manufacturer, 

“Producing complex, thick parts with multiple steps can take a lot of time when done on a series of machines. That’s why fabricators worldwide turn to Piranha-Whitney Punch Plasma Combination machines to produce three times as many parts per day, at one third the cost.”

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  • Model: 3400
  • 5′ x 10′ Bed
  • .5″ capacity
  • Hypertherm HT2000 LHF
  • Total Operator Hours: 2287.52
  • Total Torch Arc Hours: 1030.23