Aida Metal Stamping Presses 

aida serv pro metal stamping machineMechanical & Servo Press Technology for Stampers

Aida is the premier global manufacturer of metal stamping presses and continues to take the lead in developing new and innovative metalforming solutions.

Their presses are used to manufacture a broad range of items including automobile components, appliance parts, electric and electronic components, connectors and terminals, and motor laminations.

With a reputation for providing innovative and reliable equipment as well as complete solutions, they are the press manufacturer preferred by leaders in every industry.

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Aida metal stamping presses are available in a variety of sizes, styles and capacities:

  • From 35 to 4,000 tons
  • From 1 to 1,500 strokes per minute
  • Servo
  • Mechanical
  • Gap / C Frame
  • Straightside
  • Progressive Die
  • Transfer
  • High Speed
  • Cold Forging
  • Automation

Read on to see video of Aida metal stamping presses in action. And for a quote on an Aida stamping press for your business, contact us today. We look forward to helping you!

Aida 400 Ton Servo Stamping Press

Aida 1,500 Ton Servo Stamping Press

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