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Waterjet Cutting

By adding waterjet cutting equipment in your shop, you can expand your capabilities and credibility with customers.

Not all waterjet cutting machines for sale are created equal, though. To make sure you’re getting the best of the best, you need to consider the quality and performance of the equipment before you make it a part of your shop.

You shouldn’t settle for less than the top of the line. That’s why at Mid Atlantic Machinery, we’re proud to sell the industry-leading OMAX waterjet cutting systems.

OMAX waterjets combine precision system components, innovative software, and advanced pump technology to deliver optimal output and results. They are fast, accurate, and available with multi-axis cutting for versatility. They have the fastest cutting speeds and most precision in comparison to other brands’ abrasive waterjet systems. Learn more about OMAX waterjets for sale here.

Within the OMAX brand, we carry both the OMAX and Maxiem line of machines. They enable shops to cut a wide range of materials, such as glass, metal, and composites, and a variety of thicknesses.

  • OMAX Waterjet Cutting Systems
    The OMAX line of waterjets offers pinpoint accuracy with +/-.001 inch tolerances on sheet and tube cutting jobs. These machines come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a breadth of job needs, and offer a wide range of options and accessories.
  • Maxiem Waterjet Cutting Systems
    The waterjet cutting machines in the MAXIEM line feature OMAX technology at a lower price point. They have a compact machine footprint and offer impressive tolerances of up to +/-.003 inches. They provide high-capacity production and can do single prototypes with ease, as well.
  • Used WaterJet Cutting Systems
    In addition to new OMAX and MAXIEM equipment, we also have an always-evolving inventory of used waterjet cutters for sale. Many of the machines in our inventory of used waterjets have been refurbished and inspected by our technicians to ensure their quality and performance. And all of the used water jets we have for sale offer a great value when compared to buying a new machine. See our list of used waterjets for sale here.

Waterjet System Repair & Service
Of course, we do far more than just sell waterjet cutting machines. Our team of service specialists is here to perform maintenance and repairs on your equipment, too. You can count on us to keep your shop productive! Click here to read more about our waterjet repair service.

Better yet, contact us today to learn more about the waterjet cutters we have for sale and our many other services.

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