1. Thank you Dave Wetzel!

    Following a long career of service and leadership, Mid Atlantic Machinery’s Dave Wetzel announces his retirement. Since 2006, Dave has developed and cultivated strong relationships with manufacturers and fabricators throughout the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas, helping empower their businesses with his extensive knowledge and experience with machine tools. In addition to Dave’s service with… Read More
  2. Steel Tech 2024 – Day 2

    Steel Tech 2024 – Day 2 Day 2 of Steel Tech was a blast! From the happy winners of our raffles to the many productive conversations around helping attendees stay on top of the latest tech and education. If you missed today, we hope you join us for our last day of Steel Tech on… Read More
  3. Steel Tech 2024 – Day 1

    Previous Next Day 1 of Steel Tech was a hit! We heard from so many about how great the show was for them to come and see live some of the machinery that’s been on their wish list. Not to mention the seminars that had record attendance. Most notable, the seminar hosted by Thaddeus Stevens… Read More
  4. Global Compliance at Fingertips: How Automated Machine Tending Systems are Standardizing Manufacturing

    In the constantly evolving landscape of manufacturing, the push towards automation and global standardization has never been more prominent. Automated Machine Tending (AMT) systems are at the forefront of this movement, offering a bridge between manual labor and full automation. Among the players propelling the standardization and global compliance of AMT systems, AutoTend™ by Mid… Read More
  5. Unlocking Sustainability: Automated Machine Tending and the Promise of Smarter Manufacturing

    Automated Machine Tending (AMT) systems are becoming a pivotal part of modern manufacturing setups, playing a significant role in advancing sustainable production. These systems eliminate the manual loading and unloading of machines, thus optimizing production processes. Their impact extends to various facets of sustainability in manufacturing and fabrication sectors: Energy Efficiency: AMT systems promote energy… Read More
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