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big steel rack systemSheet Metal Shelving System

Big Steel Rack is an innovative sheet metal storage system that makes it easy to inventory, store and find the sheet metal your business needs to operate. The flimsy shelving systems of yesteryear are no longer an option when efficiency and safety are paramount for today’s businesses, and Big Steel Rack offers many benefits over traditional sheet metal shelving systems.

Big Steel Rack storage systems offer three main benefits, read on to learn more and see video of these unique shelving systems in action.

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Increased Floor Space

  • More vertical storage
  • Greater density of storage
  • More storage per square foot

Superior Organization

  • Easily locate materials
  • No more mixed piles
  • Simple numbered grid system

Improved Safety

  • No more dropping sheets
  • Sharp edges and corners are protected
  • Single-operator material handling

If you’re interested in learning more about Big Steel Rack Systems and getting a quote for your facility, contact us today.

Big Steel Rack Overview

Tube Rack by Big Steel Rack

Depalletizer by Big Steel Rack


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