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prodevco robotic cutting systemRobotic Plasma Cutting

Founded in 2000 to provide custom robotic solutions to the structural steel market, Prodevco Robotic Solutions has quickly become an industry leader by bringing innovative robotic plasma cutting technology to businesses in the demanding steel industry.

Prodevco machines can cut standard plate as well as tube, beam and other profiles quickly and precisely. They provide businesses with a variety of advanced features including precise 3D computer vision, high definition plasma cutting, and powerful software solutions.  These features, when combined, help businesses to boost productivity to new heights.

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The PCR31 is a robust and easy to use machine that automates cutting operations found in structural steel processes.  Using the industry recognized Hypertherm plasma system, dramatic time-savings and cost-savings can be realized when using this system. The system’s innovative design, with fully articulating robotic arm, means that it can cut flat sheet material with precision. And, this unique machine design opens the door to creative processing of intricate parts, tight angles, and profiles that would be hard to achieve on traditional plasma cutting tables.

Some of PCR31 advanced features include:

  • Non-contact measuring systems
  • Load and unload while the machine is working
  • Several size configurations to accommodate your production needs and footprint constraints
  • Process plate up to 60-inches wide, with bevelling capability
  • Automatically adjust cutting trajectories to match part

Beyond the advanced features of Prodevco robotic plasma cutting systems, the incredible versatility is what sets their machines apart from the rest.  Their all-in-one system can help businesses streamline production and maximize uptime, resulting in drastic reductions in fabrication time, manpower and material use. This unmatched versatility allows businesses to achieve their ultimate goal of lower manufacturing costs without sacrificing speed, accuracy, and quality.

The PCR42 advanced robotic plasma cutting system combines the power of plasma cutting with innovative torch technology making it the first of its kind to process standard steel profiles, pipes and round tubes all with the same equipment. This cutting system gives operators the ability to handle a variety of profiles, including round tubes from 4” to 26”, as well as the ability to cut on all four faces of H-beams, channels, angles, HSS, and plates.

This robotic plasma cutting system, once programmed, can:

  • Cut copes
  • Cut notches
  • Cut holes
  • Weld preps
  • Splits beams
  • Scribe
  • Part marks

Prodevco is an innovative machine tool for all businesses in the structural steel market, both fabricators and OEM’s alike. Through a life long commitment to research, development, and a dedicated production of the latest innovative breakthroughs for the steel industry, their machines help speed production, reduce manpower and increase your bottom line.

Read on to see video of Prodevco robotic solutions in action. And for a quote on Prodevco equipment distribution for your business, contact us today. We look forward to helping you!

Video: Prodevco Plasma Coping Robot


Video: Prodevco Robotic Plasma Steel Cutting Table

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