5 Benefits of Collaborative Robots

Universal Robots, collaborative robots, or cobots, are one of the newest technologies shaping the manufacturing world today. And, they’re making quite a big impact for large and small businesses alike. Read on to learn more about how your business can benefit from these low-cost robotic technologies.

Small to medium-sized businesses sometimes have a tough time competing with larger corporations. Major enterprises have always had an advantage when it comes to procuring new technologies, highly-skilled laborers, and lower costs due to increased output. However, advancing technology now allows smaller companies to compete more effectively. Investments in new technologies like robotic production can be one way to change the playing field. And cobots, which can complete a variety of jobs at a lower cost, makes them a great investment that can help boost your businesses’ bottom line.

In addition to their low cost, which is only a fraction of the cost of a traditional industrial robot, collaborative robots offer numerous benefits for small and medium sized businesses.

  1. Set up and go!
    Cobots can be unpacked, mounted and programmed to complete simple tasks in just hours. Programming requires no special skills.

  2. Make more, faster
    With the right configuration, a cobot produces finished goods at a much faster rate than handcrafting or assembly lines.

  3. Deploy and redeploy
    Cobots are highly versatile and easily re-programmed and re-deployed for different tasks as new needs arise.

  4. Save costly space
    Although traditional robots are generally quite large, cobots use a fraction of the space required by conventional automation.

  5. Get more out of people
    Cobots don’t replace people, they make employees more valuable. Relegate your repetitive tasks to cobots and put your people on higher-value work. Or have a single employee manage multiple cobots. It’s a great way to scale production!

As a leading distributor of Universal Robots cobots, we’re here to help your business harness robotic technology. So if you have questions or would like more information about cobots, their capabilities, and how they could benefit your business, contact us today