Case Study: Steelway Cellar Doors Builds Business With New TRUMPF Laser

Investing in New Technology to Expand Capabilities

Steelway Cellar Doors is proud to announce their recent investment in a Trumpf 1030 TruLaser to further their production capabilities. Since 1963, Steelway has been a long-standing manufacturer and installer for cellar doors and egress systems. They provide service and products throughout the tri-state area with, and nationally with Today, they make everything from custom steel cellar doors, egress, diamond door plates, window wells, and pre-fabricated steel cellar entrances, and now are adding a contract manufacturing division 

After historically handling most of their manufacturing on a plasma cutting machine, Steelway made the decision to invest in a TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 3 kW. Post-install, Steelway quickly started to see the return on their investment. From less waste to quicker part times, the overall efficiency from the 1030 TruLaser created significant increases in production as well as the ability to expand their services. Since purchasing the TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 3 kW, they are able to further diversify their business through contract manufacturing, while simultaneously helping others who need laser cutting services 

“Our new TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 3kW creates efficiency, time and the ability to create more parts,” said Chief Operating Officer Larry Conroy of Steelway Cellar DoorsAdditionally, we have eliminated the need to outsource, and are diversifying our business by taking on jobs for others in the area that need laser cutting services.” 

The process of creating new products can be time-consuming, but their new laser has granted them the ability to make that happen. Larry Conroy, and the rest of the team at Steelway Cellar Doors look forward to taking on new projects, expanding their product line, and utilizing both nitrogen and oxygen gases to cut more materials. 

The TruLaser 1030 Fiber cutting system processes a wide range of sheet thicknesses (1 – 25 mm) while PierceLine enables you to pierce the sheet metal quickly and with less splatter resulting in higher part quality and shorter processing times. The TruLaser 1030 fiber is not just an investment in your current business, but a chance to expand your business in ways that weren’t previously possible.