4 Reasons A CNC Router May Benefit Your Shop

CNC machines can be used to drill/mill products and parts for small and large businesses. These computer-controlled machines are used in all different industries to perfect parts, molds, patterns, etc., of all different materials. A CNC Routing machine can change the way your business operates. Keep reading to find out why! Check out our featured brand, C.R. Onsrud Routers & CNC Machining Centers, to learn more.


The flexibility of CNC Routing machines is simply unmatched. CNC Routing machines are capable of drilling/milling all different types of material including different types of metals. These machines can be used to make furniture, moldings, signs, instruments, and many other products we use every day. The flexibility allows businesses to use their CNC Routing Machine for multiple applications that can bring in more business.

User Friendly 

CNC Routing Machines are computer-controlled making them almost fully automated. This can benefit businesses who are struggling to fill labor positions within their shop or want to keep production going without an operator. 


Accuracy and speed go hand in hand in a busy shop. With CNC Routing machines, the computer control allows for an accurate cut each and every time. The ability to build programs for each material, part, cut, etc., allows the shop to drill/mill multiple projects all on the same machine with the same level of accuracy. This reduces waste, and increases time. 

Safety Features 

Due to the computer control of the CNC Routing machines, the risk of human error is nearly completely removed. Once the program is created, there is no need to have human interaction with the machine. This helps remove risk of injury throughout the drilling/milling process, keeping both your production and employees up and running.

Mid Atlantic Machinery is a proud distributor of C.R. Onsrud CNC Routing Machines. C.R. Onsrud Routing and CNC Machining Centers specialize in 3 axis & 5 Axis CNC Machining Centers, CNC Routers, CNC Mills and Inverted Routers. For a machine shop thinking of investing in a CNC Machine to dill, mill, or mold, C.R. Onsrud will give you the most bang for your buck. 

C.R. Onsrud has been providing high-precision machining solutions for over 100 years. Starting their business in Chicago, IL in 1915, C.R. Onsrud created the very first line of machines, Inverted Routers, which were used by many aircraft manufacturers building planes for WWI. Beginning as a woodworking drill and mill, C.R. Onsrud is leveling up on their competitors by expanding their capabilities to include aluminum, steel, plastics, composite, alloys, carbon fiber and other materials. Since their beginning, C.R. Onsrud machines have stood the test of time and technology by producing nearly 50 standard machines and custom machines.

C.R. Onsrud CNC Machining Centers are all built with the same detailed engineering, workmanship and quality of materials . From the Series M, the smallest machine in C.R. Onsrud’s line, to the G Series, the largest machine in the line, are all built to provide you with the most efficient and precise cuts each and every time. Along with the machines, C.R. Onsrud offers a full line of tooling, router bits, and other necessary parts to keep their machines up and running. 

Read below to learn more about C.R. Onsrud’s most popular models:

M Series | The M Series CNC router boasts rigid frame construction, highly responsive drive mechanisms, and many more of the top-end features you’d expect to find on our bigger models. Due to its slight footprint, the M Series is great for smaller shops looking  for an affordable solution.


T Series | T Series The Tech Series is bound to become the base of your production! This series offers a moving gantry design CNC, delivering outstanding performance and production output for shops needing more power than your average beginner CNC machine.


G Series

G Series | The G Series is the largest and most versatile machine in the line. With a stationary bed, moving  gantry, and a wide range of options, the G series will create incredible throughput for your business.


The versatility of C.R. Onsrud CNC Machining Center is simply unmatched. The flexibility, accuracy, safety features and easy to learn machine can handle different programs and different materials allows businesses to machine multiple products on one machine. Whether you run a smaller shop or a large part shop, there is a C.R. Onsrud CNC Machining Center is right for you. When deciding which machine is right for your shop, contact your local Mid Atlantic Machinery Sales representative! Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will help you determine which will best fit your needs. 

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