Episode 02: TRUMPF 1030 Fiber Laser Cutting Technology

Episode 02: February 2021


We’re back with John Moran and Dave Wetzel, two experts from the Mid Atlantic Machinery application engineering and sales team.  Sit back and enjoy this episode as they discuss some of the ways in which laser cutting technology can help your business. 

They’ll cover topics such as;

  • TruLaser 1030 Overview
  • Automation
  • Software
  • Fiber vs. CO2 Commentary
  • Part Cutting Demo,
  • And other topics surrounding Fiber laser technology

If you’re interested in learning more or seeing how this machine can help with your business contact us today.  We are currently hosting 1 on 1 in-person or virtual demonstrations on this machine and any of our showroom machines during our Insight & Interaction Showroom Demo Series, head over to our event page and schedule your appointment today.

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