Top OEM Fabricator Improves Accuracy & Speed with Arku Leveling System

Our friends at Miller Fabrication have learned that a precision leveling system from Arku can dramatically impact the success of their business. What once started as a small, garage-based shop has become one of the leading OEM fabricators in the country by making smart investments in the latest machine tools. And their decision to purchase a new Flatmaster Leveling System from Arku was no different.

According to company President David K. Miller, “Welding requires cut parts that are absolutely level.” And because some of the architectural parts their company was tasked with fabricating were not as flat as desired, they had to look for a solution.

During a visit to Germany where he toured a variety of fabrication job shops, Miller saw Arku machines in action and was impressed by their speed and the quality of the finished, leveled part. This led to a conversation with the team at Mid Atlantic.

Together, we worked with the folks at Arku to run tests on some of Miller’s more complex parts. The goal was to see if Arku machinery could level parts with a challenging structure. The results, after processing on an Arku Flatmaster, were impressive.

Arku’s system was able to produce perfectly flat and stress-free parts, even on parts with a complex series of alternating bends, quickly and efficiently. In comparison, a manual flattening process used previously had taken hours and was not able to remove internal stresses from the material.

Ultimately, Miller installed an Arku Flatmaster 120 and has been extremely pleased with the results. In addition to drastically reduced welding times, the Miller team boosted welding accuracy and minimized the need for costly and time consuming fixturing. With a more efficient process in place, greater productivity quickly followed and Miller Fabrication has continued to thrive with even the most complex projects.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the right leveling system can help your business increase productivity and maximize profitability, contact us today. We look forward to learning about your needs and helping to implement the right solution.