Attending Steel Tech 2020? Here Is A List Of Must-See Machines

We’re excited to be showcasing more than 20+ machines live and under power at this year’s Steel Tech show.  For anyone interested in seeing the latest technology and learning what’s new and exciting at this year’s show, we’ve created a short list below to help prioritize your trip through the showroom!  Read on to begin mapping out the must-see machines, and be sure to register you and your company to let us know which days you’ll be joining us.

ALLtra Heavy Duty Industrial Cutting Machine
ALLtra machines are known for their robust features and industry recognized quality, and the ALLtra PG-14 is no different. With a 4’ wide machine built with the same standard of excellence this plasma cutting table could be the perfect solution for you. Designed for cutting and marking on cutting widths from 4’ to 14’. Come see for yourself how the fiber-optic, SERCOS systems, full-contour, rotary plasma station can produce higher quality parts and increase throughput for your business.

Cidan’s New Time-Saving Folder
Cidan’s FORMA-Z is top-of-line when it comes to forming thinner sheet metal. It will form up to 11-gauge parts without flipping over the material. It’s innovative 8” tooling and 126” width can handle a variety of unwieldy sizes with ease, and its innovative up and down bending means you won’t have to flip work pieces over during the forming process. This valuable machine can help save you time and reduce manpower on large folding projects.

CR Onsrud CNC Machines Engineered for You
We’re excited to have, CR Onsrud, one of the newest featured brands in Mid Atlantic Machinery’s portfolio at this year’s show. Designed and Manufactured in America, CR Onsrud has become the industry standard for CNC routing tables and can be found across a variety of industries, including metal fabrication. We’ll have the M Series in the showroom ready to demonstrate all the advanced features. From a rigid frame construction, responsive drive mechanisms, and other top-end features you’d expect in bigger machines you’ll see how CNC routing could be a new solution to your fabrication processes.

FINISHLINE from Mid Atlantic Global
FINISHLINE the leading edge, is one of the newest machines you’ll see at this year’s show. They’ll be debuting their machine which offers a variety of advanced features with incredible versatility. From surface deburring, edge deburring, edge rounding, oxide removal, slag removal, and part finishing the applications are seemingly endless. The FINISHLINE will help you create better parts, faster, eliminating the need for manual finishing processes. It’s a surefire way to increase output and maximize production for a wide range of fabricators.

TRUMPF’s Powerful Fiber Laser
TRUMPF, a leader in laser cutting systems, will be showing two machines and processes at this year’s show. The 1030 Fiber laser with TruDisk solid-state fiber laser will impress you with its robust and power design. The machine also features easy-to-learn controls, convenient interfaces for automation, and numerous other intelligent features that will make an immediate impact to your businesses laser cutting processes.

TRUMPF’s Fast & Accurate Bending Machines
You’ll also get to experience advanced bending from TRUMPF, with both the TruBend 3170 Press Brake & Automated Press Brake Operation of the TRUMPF TruBend 7036. Through the perfect interaction of components, the TruBend Series 3000 machines are the fastest bending machines in their class. With The TruBend 3170 features tight tolerances and improved accuracy, Four hydraulic cylinders for optimal power, innovative crowning system, spring back compensation, and 2-, 4-, and 5-axis options you won’t want to miss seeing this machine in action.

Pat Mooney High Speed Cold Saws
Everyone knows Pat Mooney is a leader in metal saw technology, and the PMI Aluminum Cold Cutoff Saws are designed to saw aluminum extrusions and profiles quickly and accurately with a burr free mirror finish. Equipped with a 7.5 HP motor, fully enclosed saw blade chamber, pneumatic clamping, adjustable feed control and miter capabilities these saws allow maximum productivity and provide a safe work environment for your business.

FlexCNC Machining Centers for Fabricators
The team from FlexCNC will demo both their GRD-25-02 and their industry recognized FlexArm. You’ll be able to demo their hydraulic tapping arm system and see how this innovative, inexpensive tool makes quick work of drilling and tapping while reducing operator fatigue and increasing speed and accuracy. Interested in even more from FlexCNC? Then you’ll want to see the GRD 25-02, the first open bed drilling and milling machine built for fabricators. It’s the most flexible and affordable CNC mill on the market! So be sure to stop by and see it in action and ask the industry experts how their machine can help you.

Kinetic’s All-In-One Cutting & Automated Machine
Kinetic is continually striving to deliver profitability time-saving results for the end-user. Their plasma cutting systems have always been known for their integrated milling and drilling. Now, with the addition of automated part loading, fabricators will be able to remove parts automatically while the machine keeps cutting, as well as sort and palletize by part number or work order number. How’s that for versatility?

Ready to See These And All The Other Machines In Action?
Interested in learning more about any of the brands mentioned above? Register today on our events page here, and let us know that you’ll be in attending. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will be at the show, and as always, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and help you find the best solutions for your business. See you at Steel Tech!