Pacific 12′ x 3/4″ Hydraulic Plate Shear, New 1968

This Pacific 500R-12 Plate Shear would make a great addition to any shop looking for a quality shear.  With a max rack of 3/4″ per foot and 36″ powered heavy-duty back gauge processing sheet metal with this Pacific, the machine will be easy work for your shop operators.  If you’re interested in hearing more or receiving a quote, contact us today.  Our friendly staff is standing by to prepare you a quote.  Read on for more specifications and to see photos of the machine.


  • Capacity: 3/4” X 12’
  • Maximum Rake: 3/4” per Ft.
  • Weight (approx.): 32,900 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 11’-8” high (to motor) X 99” wide X 14’ long
  • Powered blade clearance option included
  • Auto Lube option is included
  • 36” powered, front operated, heavy-duty back gauge
  • 10’ squaring arm option included